Outdoor art and (water) features

Every garden deserves a few eye-catching elements to draw your attention—either subtly or by being strongly outspoken. They might be artworks or completely unrelated design elements, water features with remarkable details, or maybe planters and flower boxes that make a statement.


Exchange with added value

There is an intrinsic beauty in the way that art and nature enter into dialogue and amplify each other. The exchange between natural elements and artwork or imposing design pieces is always uplifting and surprising. Especially when you consider the way the view varies with the seasons and the ever-changing light. In fact, with clever lighting, you’ll make sure your chosen piece is always the centre of attention.


Art and design

Unique artwork gives your garden an outspoken identity. When designing your garden, we take the lines of sight into account, optimising the effect of the specific artwork. A carefully thought-out design also adds an artistic touch. As such, we enjoy using exclusive, hand-made pots in striking colours, or tough planters made of materials like weathering steel and aluminium. Eye-catching decorations also have a place. What would you think of an extra-large, high-gloss apple, super-sized rocks or a wooden stump, whimsically shaped by nature?