Atmospheric garden lighting

Lighting adds an extra dimension to your garden. This is why a lighting plan is an intrinsic part of your total garden design. The differences between light and dark result in interesting shadow play and create visual tension. During the day, lighting plays a background role, but in the evening, it’s a vital part of the show.


Integrated in your garden design

Striking or very subtle lighting devices have a major influence on the experience and atmosphere of the garden. They emphasise the plants, artwork or structural elements. They give greater depth to a space. The relationship between functional, atmospheric and accentuating lighting demands specific knowledge and insight. A garden lighting plan is essential for a result that fulfils your every expectation.


Focus on light bundles or fittings

For basic lighting, devices may be unobtrusive or even completely invisible. When it comes to atmospheric lighting, we sometimes allow the lighting devices to steal the show. Large, sleek standing structures made of stainless steel are perfect for one garden, while organic, spherical lamps are the right choice for the next. Uplighters and downlighters are sometimes the best choice for creating a magical atmosphere that still allows the emphasis to remain on the lighting bundle. The result is a composition with contrasts between light and dark, eye-catchers and points of rest.