Designer garden with koi pond

The garden design for this ultra-modern home highlights the architectural characteristics. The great amount of greenery contrasts sublimely with the straight, white stucco-plastered walls. The materials are perfectly matched with those of the house itself, while the division of the garden is well-thought-out and dynamic. A grandiose design with a striking koi pond as a gorgeous water feature.

Magnificent materials and plants

The large space on the street side is filled with zones of hard and soft, green vegetation. The driveway and the path to the front door are defined by Schellevis tiles and decorative gravel. They are flanked by a long row of aluminium planters with carefully selected grasses and nicely illuminated holm oaks. Apart from that, there is another fresh, grassy zone, multi-stemmed shadbush trees and fencing braided with hedera. In the back garden, the same materials return, supplemented with raised patios, elements in weathering steel and hardwood features for a touch of extra warmth.

Designer pergola and koi pond

The raised koi pond is an eye-catcher: an aesthetically pleasing, living water feature. The pergola has a slat roofing and has been furnished with a comfortable lounge suite and fire tableā€”a place to luxuriate in the middle of a sea of exuberant and varied green vegetation. Architecturally, the pergola matches perfectly with the home. The lounge area, with an outdoor kitchen on a raised platform is a true gem. The regrouped vegetation, the sophisticated lighting and the intriguing divisions all contribute to the refined beauty of the design.