Design garden with pool house

The layout of this designer garden is both grandiose and practical. Even with minimum maintenance, the vegetation is luscious, all year round. The plants filling the high-quality planters and garden beds create a pleasant atmosphere that walks the line between subtlety and abundance. In short, this garden design demonstrates perfectionism and a great capacity for experience.

Stylish and exciting

To tune the designer garden to the timeless, classical architecture of the home, hard materials, such as Old Dutch Schellevis tiles and Greenwood walkways were used. Walls with see-through openings, slats in weathering steel, and small, elegant trees have made a fresh spectacle of the surrounds. In the front garden, these same materials reappear, resulting in maximum uniformity. A nice little detail: the seat built into the large aluminium planters.

Breathtaking tableau

In the summer, the straight swimming pool is an eye-catcher, without being too prominent. There is no excessive use of colour, but rather a green spectacle in a multitude of shapes, textures and heights. Between the luscious greenery, there is plenty of space for dining, sunbathing and lounging about. In the covered section with glazing, the residents enjoy the openness in nice weather and the transparent closed feel in colder times. This design testifies to a larger resourcefulness, with clever details in unexpected places.