Exclusive rooftop terrace

This exclusive rooftop terrace is on the fourth floor of a monumental building in Rotterdam. Creating the garden as planned required a lot of technical ingenuity, but the result is magnificent. The design takes everything into account: an awe-inspiring view of the Rotterdam skyline, a modern, opulent look and maximum comfort. Residents—and birds—are all happy.

Innovative glass

In the glass rooftop house, fitted with automatic slat roofing, the rear wall features a macro-image of a dandelion in bloom. For this project, glass was a wonderful material for creating a sense of space. But it also represented a risk to birds. This is why ‘bird-safe’ glass has been used: an innovative, UV-reflecting coating that wards off birds. The lime-green glass walls are lit up from below with an LED strip.

Light, vegetation and designer furniture

The hardwood parquet floor exudes atmosphere and warmth. In the sleek, white pots, pine trees grow in exceptional forms. The other plants include decorative grasses that stay green throughout the year, bamboo and a Japanese maple—all beneficiaries of a watering system and charmingly illuminated with up-lighters. The lounge seating has a steel frame and water-resistant cushions that are as beautiful as they are practical. The table is made from Corian® that is designed to allow light through; the LED panels give it an atmospheric and somewhat futuristic glow.