Contemporary garden with variety

There were diverse requirements set out for the renovation of this spacious garden: straight lines, a modern filling with low-maintenance plants, tailored roofing for a lounge area, room for the children to play, and also a lovely place to receive guests. In short: a modern garden with great functionality. All the functions the owners wished for were smoothly integrated.

Creative use of materials

The existing veranda was expanded and fitted with a cut-out look-through strip to allow more light through. Old Dutch tiling has been used on the central section of the floor; on the sides, there is Greenwood decking track. From here, you have a beautiful view of the garden. It invites discovery. The varied materials break through the strict, straight lines: decking planks, customised cement plates in a carefully devised geometric pattern, and Black Beauty gravel. Groups of regal plants and decorative elements guarantee the balance between nature and architecture.

Green vegetation with a splash of blue

The central garden area is decorated with a mix of brick-like planters filled with luscious decorative grasses, boxwood bulb bushes and similarly shaped spherical lamps, plus sleek planters in zinc and aluminium with low- and high-growing perennial shrubs. The large dining table under the sun-shade canvas is ideal for entertaining guests. Further along, a parallel terrace with a hammock offers the perfect place to relax and chill out. For the children, there is a giant play area, including a trampoline. And by the water? Relax under the pollarded sycamore tree. In this modern garden, aesthetic pleasure, comfort and functionality all blend together.