Elegant garden with eye-catching water feature

This extra-large garden has a cosmopolitan feel thanks to the wellness zone, luscious vegetation and a centralised water feature. In the front garden, a creative approach has been used to accommodate differences in heights. Planters made of weathering steel, as well as spherical lights and multi-stemmed wild cherry trees create a sense of allure. In the back garden, everything looks elegant and gracious. And despite the large surface area, it is wonderfully atmospheric and intimate.

Decorative and straight

The eye-catcher at the heart of the garden is the water feature: an infinity pool with strict, straight lines and a deep-blue hue. Parallel to it, but perpendicular to the line of the composite planks of the walkway, there is a gravel path. At the edges, tall, steel pots are filled with waving decorative grass. Below the pollarded sycamore tree, there is a shady spot where a picnic table calls you to sit down and relax. The spherical lamp has a built-in speaker. And a custom-made, weathering steel and stainless steel fire table not only gives warmth, but also and adds a boost of enthusiasm late at night.

Gorgeous and warm

The oak and steel pool house is a pure delight. Inside, an Eastern atmosphere reigns, punctuated by warm colours and materials. The covered lounge area has every comfort, including an outdoor kitchen and gas fireplace. When you look out at the garden in the evening, the lights give it a fairy-tale ambience. The round box trees and spherical lights are particularly enchanting. The mix of fresh colours with the rusted look of the weathering steel gives this garden a special feel. Finally, steel screens, alternating with Old Dutch pollard willows, ensure peace and privacy from the outside world.