City garden with different levels

The most important requirements for this city garden: a design that logically connects to the home, while emphasising the depth of the garden, limiting views from outside, and still offering multiple places to sit, lounge and dine. At the very back, an old beech and a maple tree hide the buildings behind from view. Hardwood fencing with a gate, and a custom-built storage shed peacefully mark out rear end of the garden.

A place to enjoy in full

The outside space includes three regal terraces. With an outdoor salon and fire table, the lounge area borders the living space. Hardwood stairs nicely capture the height difference between the levels and offer access to the lower zones. A dining area with a hardwood and black-steel outdoor kitchen are to be found here. Behind them, there is a second lounge terrace that lines up against a raised patio with deck chairs. The paving consists of Schellevis tiles and grey stabilisation plates.

Tuned to the home

The design of this city garden sees materials, colours and architectural elements repeat to create a uniform look. The square planters with Japanese maples reference the pattern of the three doors. The lines of the fa├žade and the lines of sight from the house have also influenced the design. There is great variety in the shape of the leaves on the overwhelmingly green, hardy plants. Through the late summer and autumn, the brightly coloured blossom of the Japanese maples and other plants form a beautiful spectacle.