Luxurious garden with swimming pool

This stately villa boasts classic proportions. It has a luxury garden in which the residents live the good life, letting their stress fall away. The outside area appears large and glorious, with a lot of carefully planned symmetry, southern charm and a mix of mature, well-kept grass areas and varied vegetation. The icing on the cake: an architectural swimming pool that leads to a covered spa.

Abundant vegetation

Privacy rules in the outside area thanks to the many tall, green trees around it. The existing trees were largely maintained and  pruned, and supplemented with shorter vegetation for a fuller look. The garden gives the impression of abundance, with strong structure in all seasons. The large planters and containers are filled with a multitude of plants, adding extra texture, colour and dynamism. Every square inch has been used to create a grandiose effect.

A garden of luxury

Although the vegetation in this garden plays a prominent role, water also has a strong presence. The great architectural swimming pool stands out, like a blue vein running through the middle of the green décor. Take an invigorating dip in the crystal-clear water, then move to the raised decking to relax in the spa. It’s an open space, yet with a roof over it, it still feels private; out in the garden and yet very intimate. With designer dining and lounge sets, you have a luxury garden that thrives in the fashionable region of Gooi.