Luxury garden with infinity pool

The residents wanted a modern outdoor space with glamour and international allure. The design combines strict geometric shapes with vegetation in a range of textures. Despite the relatively limited surface area, this garden offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation. The lounge and wellness facilities, organised vegetation and symmetry add the foundations of the aesthetic. The infinity pool is the cherry on top.

Nature and architecture in perfect balance

In the front and side gardens, the hard elements mirror the materials used in the home itself. The strict contours of planters and paths are tempered by organic vegetation. In the back garden, a sleek, stucco-plastered wall gives privacy but doesn’t feel oppressive. The centrepiece is the infinity pool with a luxurious mosaic and a glass edge. Next to it, the open building, with a slat roof, is home to a lounge area. The glass sliding wall ensures a sense of interaction between the interior and exterior.

Fabulously luxueus

Countless elements have been integrated in the covered area: a built-in hearth, barbecue, flatscreen TV, outside kitchen, hi-tech music system—you name it, it’s there! With this, the design perfectly met the wishes of the clients. To create a sense of worldly ambience, everything was finished with high-quality materials, sober lighting and high-quality furniture. Rest and relaxation are central to this garden, in a design where balance rules.