A knowing wink to the Ibiza atmosphere

The residents come to this garden to relax while the wealth of plants gives a sense of liveliness. The abundant greenery, in a varied but well-thought-out mix, shelters them from view while offering a grandiose natural tableau. A combination of short, medium and tall plants calls up a genuine feeling of being on vacation – you almost start to believe you’re in Ibiza.

Southern glam

The residents instantly fell in love with Erik’s projects when they visited his website. In particular, the sublime garden lighting attracted their attention, so it’s only logical that it shines in this design as well. The garden is generously lit in the evening, highlighting different angles of the plants and other eye-catchers and creating a gorgeous view from the covered terrace. The terrace itself is a true gem: intimate, with designer furniture, a see-through hearth, pillars for storing wood and even a ‘hanging egg’ chair. A breathtaking place, but one that simultaneously helps you catch your breath.

Colour and class

The white, black and grey tints of the terrace, storage shed and other elements are tempered by the vast botanic diversity. Purple and pink flowers add an elegant touch every here and there. By alternating straight aluminium planters with voluminous handmade pots, the atmosphere finds a balance of warmth and modernity. The paving echoes this, with robust tiles, soft-looking decking and playful stepping stones that alternate dynamically with one another. The straight lines of the swimming pool subtly draw the gaze while the magical evening ambience contributes to the Ibiza atmosphere.