Patio garden with fire and water

In this patio garden, the main role is reserved for the natural elements, brought together in perfect harmony. There is an uplifting interplay between fire and water, air and earth. The result? A design in which the spaces are ingeniously entwined, while still maintaining a very natural feel.

A wall with vision

The patio garden consists of two parts, separated by a light-blue wall with vertical cut-outs. The wall provides intimacy and opportunities to see through to other parts of the garden. It offers a window to the cosy sitting area, without fully exposing all of the garden’s strengths. On the front side of the wall, water streams through minimalistic stainless-steel tubes. The lighting creates a dynamic spectacle of light and shadows. Large cement tiles lead to the home, flanked by large planters with perennial decorative grasses.

A different effect

The partially closed-off lounge area behind the wall with the see-through cut-outs has been decorated with comfortable couches and an imposing fire table. It is all set out on a ‘floating’ wooden platform made of outdoor parquet. To the left, three light-blue columns appear to have run away from the dividing wall—a very playful effect. The whimsical olive trees in the rear corner give a Mediterranean touch to the space. In combination with the character of the other vegetation, the plants here create a strong sense of structure in this patio garden.