Straight lines and swimming pool

The existing garden of this ultra-modern home was transformed into a modern outdoor space with maximum functionality. To underline the connection between the architecture and the garden, the emphasis was put on creating a strong ‘frame’, balanced proportions and using high-quality materials. Result: a sleek, straight garden with a swimming pool. No frills but a real wow-factor.

Harmonieus relationship

The pool house has an Ibizan allure and paving that combines anthracite-coloured natural stone with a raised patio. The lounge area has a wall with a built-in hearth, flanked by plinths. Of the materials used, Schellevis stepping stones attract the eye; they’re supplemented with Flemish bricks and decorative gravel. The plinths and planters are predominantly aluminium. A sober colour palette was chosen, with white and anthracite dominating.

Design with a lot of vegetation

Some trees and hedges have been pruned to help underline the strict, straight lines of the garden. Among the new plants, there are tall, multi-stemmed trees, a mix of permanent plants and shrubs, decorative grasses and ferns, and some bulbous plants and tubular vegetables that add a little colour. The carefully planned layout, natural materials, atmospheric lighting and luxurious furniture create a peaceful ambiance in which everything is balanced. This gem of a garden has been arranged in a such a way that when you’re in it, you cannot be seen from outside. It’s perfectly private. Everything flows naturally into everything else, and there is an aesthetic exchange between house and garden.