Timeless garden with infinity pool

This large garden in Alblasserdam was completely renovated, with water and an infinity pool playing the main roles. The garden and the environment run harmoniously into each other. The design is balanced and sustainable, with every little detail carefully thought out. There are countless opportunities to relax, with a wonderful view of the watery surrounds. Furthermore, a surprising use of the location to truly make the most of the exceptional views.

Nature meets design

In this garden, every element contributes to a calm, harmonious and modern feel. Only soft tints and materials with a natural look have been used. The many trees—including fruit trees, pollard willows and holm oaks—ensure there is green all year round. The sage and lavender add a subtle purple blush every here and there. For the paving, Greenwood planks have been used for the path alongside the swimming pool and the patio, along with Old-Dutch Schellevis anthracite tiles, Black Beauty decorative gravel and Charcoal natural stone strips.

Blue panorama

As we wanted to avoid the swimming pool dominating the view in the colder seasons, it was set close to the side of the garden that’s bordered by water. The infinity pool then magnifies the effect, giving the illusion of a connecting line of water. The special glass mosaic gives the pool character, while the built-in lighting creates a fairy-tale atmosphere in the evening. The rear of the swimming pool has a raised wall with a glass mosaic and its own waterfall. The multi-stemmed trees flourish into parasol-like shapes that appear to rise up out of the Alblas creek. This is a design that speaks to the imagination in a truly enchanting environment.