Villa garden with guest house

This villa garden—measuring a full ten hectares—underwent a drastic transformation to keep an aesthetic connection to the recently renovated house. A large part of the garden is forested, with numerous conifer trees and oaks. The eye-catching guest house and the azure-blue swimming pool make for stunning showpieces. Both contribute to the relaxing vacation atmosphere.

Looking out and looking through

The residents wanted a guest house fitted with every modern comfort, including a wellness zone with a sauna. The wooden construction has a lot of glass that draws the surroundings in. The large, glass wall in the sleeping area treats guests to a stunning view when they wake up—they’re in the middle of a sea of trees and leaves. The see-through gas hearth offers a subtle peek at the swimming pool. And the minimalistic eating area offers a broad view of the garden through the glass wall. In turn, the garden offers beautiful sight lines and a patio with its own look and feel.

Water feature

The swimming pool is sober and elegant, hemmed by decking in high-quality materials, such as natural basalt tiles and sustainable outdoor parquet. Integrated LED lights create a sense of warmth, not just here but in the guest house itself. An artistic fountain in a gracious arch breaks through the straight lines of the pool. The covered lounge terrace combines a wooden floor and ceiling with neatly stucco-plastered walls. The large planters filled with agapanthus finish everything. It’s the ideal place to relax.