Wellness garden with contrasts

The large outdoor area of this former gardener’s home has been given a diverse filling. The design of the wellness garden honours the classic, country-building style, but attention has been paid to bringing in a counterbalance. The charming outbuilding, the luxurious swimming pool and the varied greenery form the fundamentals of the design.

Relax in beauty

The modern outbuilding contrasts and harmonises with the home. It offers space for wellness and living, as well as an ultra-modern kitchen. Glass walls blur the borders between the inside and outside worlds. Here, you live in rhythm with the seasons, with plenty of space to lounge and relax while enjoying the view. The designer swimming pool, surrounded by ceramic tiles and hardwood decking, steals the show.


Warm materials and uplifting vegetation

To give you broader views while still retaining privacy, walls, frames and planters have been placed in strategic positions. The luscious vegetation contrasts beautifully with the predominantly grey paving, while the sophisticated lighting plan creates a magical, intimate atmosphere. For the vegetation, we have predominantly used tall, trunked trees that are almost column-like in shape, as well as decorative grasses, climbing plants and shrubs. Everything looks luxurious and balanced with the subdued use of natural beauty and high-quality materials such as Old Dutch Schellevis, hardwood, zinc and seamless plastering.