Bringing the garden design you’ve been dreaming about to life is going to take time. We devote as long as is necessary, following an efficient step-by-step plan as we make your garden wishes a reality. Along the way we leave our creative and artistic mark on it.


Obligation-free consultation (on location or in our studio)

We listen to your wishes and ideas, and show you some of our existing garden designs for a little extra inspiration. We also ask you to fill in a questionnaire in advance, helping us to translate your expectations into the perfect design.


An inventory of vegetation and construction elements

We draw up a list of elements that will create the garden you’re dreaming of, looking at measurements, materials, types of plants and every other relevant factor. This overview serves as the foundation for the concept design.


Concept design

Presentation and discussion of a 3D sketch that shows the basic layout of your garden. When you’re satisfied with the result, we start thinking creatively about the next step.


Preliminary design

This shows the details of your garden in realistic three-dimensional images—including the placement and finish of boundary partitions, staircases and verandas, lighting and colours. Every little detail is included.


Final design

This scale sketch is the ‘blueprint’ we follow when creating your garden. With detailed measurements, sightlines, cross-sections and technical details—it’s the guide that tells us how to do our work.


Planting plan

Overview of the different types, amounts and particularities of the plants that will populate your garden. We work based on your aesthetic demands, as discussed during the earlier garden design.


Lighting plan

We establish this early in the design process to ensure optimal placement of fixtures and lighting elements. It gives an extra dimension to your garden.



Intensive guidance from concept to execution guarantees that the result perfectly agrees with the approved design. If desired, we will draft a step-by-step plan with prices clearly marked.