Erik van Gelder garden designs

The ideal garden is one in which everything works together. In all seasons, whether you’re outside or inside. Regardless of the diversity of our projects, our garden designs create luxurious oases that offer aesthetics, comfort and a unique experience.


Enjoy a beautiful garden from outside and inside.

When you choose a tailored garden design from Erik van Gelder®, you get an outdoor space to enjoy all year round. Your own private oasis in which all your dreams and wishes are translated into an atmospheric experience. A space in which you escape the daily grind. An outside world that stimulates and awakens your every sense.

The ideal garden design is not something you create in a rush. We are always happy to invest the time required. The design process begins as a shared search for your dream garden. We discuss your wishes and look at the possibilities. We work with your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements, take your lifestyle into account and look at the options provided by the surrounds and the architecture of your home. As a design studio, we combine everything and add our own creative and artistic stamp.

A roof terrace with a minimalistic loft. A wellness garden for a villa. An oasis of peace. Large or small, from the city to the countryside, your garden is in good hands with us. We turn your garden into a beautiful escape in which you feel pure happiness.


High end visuals

Wellness garden with contrasts

Luxury pool garden Alblasserdam

Ultimate quality

Tuinontwerper tuinarchitect Erik van Gelder


A strong garden design does not infringe on nature, but shows respect for its intrinsic beauty. As such, I combine organic and geometric forms, hard elements with luxurious fillings, and sober lines with exuberant textures. In short, I add style elements to Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations. Doing so makes the natural elements express their strengths in full.