Special trees and plants

Trees, plants and shrubs that are full of character make your outside area come to life. They provide structure in all seasons, give shade and increase the atmosphere of nature, relaxation and enjoyment. For the design of your garden, patio or terrace, we pay particular attention to the plants and vegetation.


Rhythm and repetition

We take the view, form and texture of your vegetation into consideration, as well as the context and factors such as orientation and soil types. This way, we make sure your plants will flourish and enjoy a long lifespan. Important starting points in the plant design are rhythm and repetition. The recurrence of different plant sorts, shapes or colours at multiple places creates a sense of cohesion and continuity. In turn, this ensures everything culminates in a sense of completion, giving a feeling of peace.


Rest and dynamism

The dosed exchange of rhythmic geometry and organic compositions gives peace on one hand, and a sense of dynamism on the other. It’s a delicate balance that demands botanic knowledge. Green vegetation can also serve as a ‘soft’ dividing element. For example, a perennial hedge, monumental planters or gracious umbrella trees. The green vegetation with which we like working includes wavey decorative grasses, trees with multiple trunks, tightly clipped hedges, blossoming plants, winter-hardy vegetation with attractive autumnal colours and more.