Super-strong cement tiles

Cement is a gracious material in the garden. It’s beautiful, rock-solid and easy to maintain. Cement tiles are available in diverse shapes and formats. We use them for patios or paths, or as playful stepping stones through your garden.


A powerful look

Through their firmness, steadiness and resistance to wear and tear, cement tiles have an extremely long lifespan. They stand up to all weather conditions while lending themselves to all kinds of applications. As well as their broad range of uses, cement tiles are also particularly charming—to the extent that they exceed pure functionality. Their appearance is at once industrial, robust and refined.


Appropriate everywhere

As well as the endless possibilities for use, cement tiles combine beautifully with other hard materials, such as decorative gravel, walkways, pebble stones and more. For geometric motives and even use on walls, you must take cement tiles into consideration. With their modest grey tints, they form a lovely contrast with planters and planting structures. In short, they’re a durable material that’s full of character with an appearance that will add to your garden design.