Rooftop terrace with outdoor kitchen

For this rooftop terrace in Amsterdam, the prominent role of the outdoor kitchen and bar has been created in such a way as to capitalise on the panoramic view. Still, everything here is based around elegant, comfortable dining and relaxation. Beautiful, customised work, designer furniture and a clever lighting plan contribute to the luxurious, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Outdoor kitchen and bar

Greenwood platform-flooring and large granite tiles form the contemporary and high-value base, supplemented every here and there with pebble stones. The robust outdoor kitchen, with an integrated ‘Big Green Egg’, offers everything you need to prepare a meal. The large working area also serves as a bar—great for fixing an aperitif with a view of the surroundings. You’ll easily fit eight at the large dining table. If it’s a little chilly? The Heatsail Dome offers warmth with aesthetic coolness.

Dining and relaxing in style

The lounge set combines a stylish look with surprising comfort, while the fire table livens up the evenings with dancing flames. A lovely mix of short and tall vegetation with a touch of purple delivers a natural feeling and extra privacy. The planters, in straight and organic shapes—smooth here, a little rough there—are of a superior, hand-made quality. When there is bright sun or a drop of rain, large Tuuci umbrellas offer shelter.