Balanced design

The garden of this classic home and its stately allure was carefully designed in connected zones that enable countless possibilities. There is a perfect balance of sunny and shadowy pockets, tough and delicate elements, hard aspects and soft vegetation. This exquisite mix is one of the characteristics that give Erik’s designs their power and charm.

Making the most of outdoor living

Close to the home, there is an elegant covered area with a long dining table and a complete outdoor kitchen in black steel and brick. A path of extra-large, customised tiles separates the dining area from the lounging space with weather-resistant furniture and a fire table. The same path leads to a grassy area flanked by holm oaks, multi-trunked shrubbery and a versatile range of other plants. This ensures the garden is also worth seeing in winter. And that’s important because the residents enjoy spending a good deal of the year outside.

Unlimited enjoyment

On the other side of the garden is the land of sun, swimming and pleasure. The swimming pool is surrounded by terrace tiles and Greenwood decking. There is a plenty of room for a second lounging area with a Heatsail Dome, and sunbeds to stretch out on after swimming. The aluminium planters, made in a variety of shapes and forms, are richly filled with green and colourful plants. In laying out the garden, the symmetry that characterises the house itself was taken into account. As a result, the balanced garden looks serene and harmonious, despite the versatile expressions of the diverse parts.