Harmonious and contemporary

For this assignment, Erik van Gelder was given carte blanche in terms of layout as well as the decorations and plants. The modern villa with its sculptural wicker covering seamlessly blends into the rural environment. The timeless garden perfectly reflects the building style. The voluptuous greenery and grey paving are present in perfect proportions.

From subtle to striking

The design blends unobtrusively with its environment, but still exudes plenty of character. The starting point was the coverable spa, recessed in the decking with sunbeds next to it and an exclusive outdoor shower. The peaceful atmosphere is accentuated by the organic and rounded forms – from the dining set and lounge to the handmade plant pots and robust boulders. Straight elements in powder-coated aluminium ensure variety. The atmospheric lighting is a mix of subtle and eye-catching fixtures such as the Moonlight lamps between the spherical holly oak shrubs.

Fine-tuned to the architecture

The diverse ‘garden corners’, planters, the lighting, and in fact, everything in this timeless garden is in line with the building style and the materials used for the house. As such, the inside and outside complement each other beautifully. The gold and orange accent colours used inside return in the outdoor elements made of weathering steel. They contrast exquisitely with the sturdier green structures – from hedges and Portuguese laurel to holm oaks and half-standard pear trees. Walls, whether they’re stucco or made from meranti poles, either catch the gaze or offer rest points. And everything from lighting to irrigation is automated to maximise the residents’ comfort.