Luxurious garden design with a swimming pool

Thanks to the long coastline and beautiful beaches in Dronten, the holiday feeling is never far away. The same applies to the atmosphere that the outside space of this hypermodern home calls up: idyllic. The luxury garden design is chic, with straight lines and surprising proportions that further build on the architectural characteristics of the villa. Add in the opulent greenery and you have a truly eye-catching sight.

Playful rhythms, a serene feeling

The home itself stands out for its alternating volumes – white plaster here, grey brick there. These colours are extended into the garden, with a mix of white elements and hard, grey materials such as gravel, Flemish bricks, Schellevis paving tiles and beach pebbles. The variety of materials and formats is delightfully dynamic. Still, there is an overwhelming peace that reigns here thanks to the balanced proportions and powerful green structures. The Greenwood decking on some of the terraces creates a lovely counterbalance, adding great warmth.

Straight lines, perfect style

The swimming pool is an attractive eye-catcher; the fashionable furnishings and decor add to the grandiose feeling. Sunbathing, lounging about, dining … Here, everything takes place in maximum comfort.

You’ll notice the slender pergola elements in several places. They underline the architectural style of the house and define zones in a noticeable way. Tailored components, such as the stucco wall with its letter box, and the wall with a hearth and wood storage, show the extent of the detailing in this design. In this luxury garden design, every square centimetre is used to enhance the atmosphere.