A park garden with purple accents

The garden for this exceptional villa is as impressive as the home itself. The striking architecture reconciles hypermodern materials in a contrast-heavy mix of black and white, complete with unexpected accents and intriguing lines. The stately character returns in the ‘formal’ elements of the garden, such as the grass zones, the gravel paths and the symmetrical rows of trees. It’s at the intersection between park and garden.

Luxurious greenery

The design, materials and filling are inspired by the ‘cubicle’ that runs through the house and the black shutters. This connection with the building style was an important demand from the clients. To soften the straight lines and right angles, a lot of mature and young vegetation was planted. Here it’s pruned to a straight line, but it’s given a playful and surprising shape just there … A natural spectacle of dominant green, supplemented with purple and white accents. When you’re in this garden, you feel as though you’re in a park because of all the natural beauty.

Design with the X factor

The rectangular swimming pool with sky-blue water invokes a feeling of paradise on earth. Beside it, a large pool house has been built with countless wellness features. Even the outdoor furniture is tuned to the straight building style, with striking horizontal and vertical hardwood slats. The cherry on top is the quirky, quasi-futuristic bar, especially when the purple lighting makes its mark. Relaxation, enjoyment, celebrating the good life and dining are central here. And all this in a style that is so perfect, superlatives can’t do it justice.